Monday, November 1, 2010

Surgery at a Glance

Reviews of the current edition

"Quality! It is unsurprising this textbook is such a hit with students, probably for the way it condenses the essentials of what is a massive subject into such manageable segments. Taking a symptom based journey through surgery, Surgery at a Glance gives enough information to help you get the basics so you don't look like such an iegit when on a ward round the consultant asks you for 6 clinical features of appendicitis! ...It's a smashing little book!!!" Black Bag, Bristol University Medical School Gazette

"Surgery at a Glance presents clinical students with digestible chunks of essential knowledge at their fingertips and is written in a style that is easy to understand...The style of text combined with clean cut illustrations really makes Surgery at a Glance essential, not only for junior and senior surgery firms but also for finals revision. A snip at under £20, can you afford not to have it?" Sharp, St George's Union Magazine

"Overall, this is a very modern comprehensive coverage of a range of surgical conditions. I would recommend this book as an excellent resource for any surgical unit." Journal of Perioperative Practice, May 2006

"This is a book that allows you to see the big picture, and gives you the framework to further build your knowledge base from other sources. Fans of the at a Glance series will adore it." GKT Gazette, March 2007

"(the book's) organisation enables learning to be focused in a manner that takes into account the ways that patients present to doctors and then supports it by giving details of specific conditions." Cambridge Medicine