Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Craniotomy for resection of 4th Ventricle Tumor

Dr. Pakzaban demonstrates the technique of suboccipital craniotomy for access to the posterior cranial fossa using an Aesculap bone scalpel. This approach is used in many different operations including decompression of Chiari malformation. In this case, it is being used for resection of a 4th ventricle tumor known as subependymoma.


Indications for OPG requests

An OPG or "ORTHOPANTOGRAM", gives a panoramic view of the mandible and teeth.
It is performed using a technique called "tomography". The X-ray tube moves around the head, the x-ray film moves in the opposite direction behind your head. This generates an image slice where the mandible and teeth are in focus, and the other structures are blurred.

Why to get it ?
Dental Disease
* Caries - appear as different shaped areas of ...........

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Different arterial pulse waveforms and example causes

Different arterial pulse waveforms are best assessed at the carotid artery. You are feeling for the speed at which the artery expands and collapses and force with which it does so. It takes some practise to master and it may be useful to imagine a graph such as those shown in the figure below,also Some examples are present:

Aortic stenosis: a slow rising pulse, maybe with a palpable shudder. Sometimes called anacrotic or a plateau phase........

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