Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hernia Examination

Roxburgh's Common Skin Diseases

Univ. of Miami, FL. Reference emphasizes the basic science, diagnostic procedures, and clinical management. Updated to include a new chapter on the application of basic science to the practice of dermatology. Includes more than 350 clinical photographs and explanatory color diagrams. For students and practicing clinicians.

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Cardiac Cycle - Systole & Diastole

Core Anatomy - Illustrated

Core Anatomy-Illustrated is a concise new atlas of human anatomy for medical and allied health undergraduates, postgraduate trainees, and teaching staff. It presents the key anatomical knowledge necessary for clinical practice, at a level that is compatible with current core curricula, either traditional or systems-based.

Presenting beautifully photographed dissections of extraordinary clarity, this succinct volume comprises 71 easy-to-read double page spreads. The combination of concise text on the left with annotated illustration on the right, offers a quick, accurate reference guide to human anatomy.

Written by Professor Ian Parkin, Mr. Bari Logan, and Mr. Mark McCarthy, who between them have over 75 years experience of teaching, examining
and preparing human anatomical material, Core Anatomy-Illustrated covers the human body, both male and female, literally from head to toe. The content of the book has been carefully selected as the most essential ‘end view’ level of dissected anatomy that medical, paramedical, and surgical practitioners must be familiar with to practice safely and effectively.


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ultrasound in trauma

Be ware of Antecubital Abscess

Do not Incise and Drain an abscess in the antecubital fossa, groin or neck in the Emergency Room”.
A very important statement in Avoiding Common Surgical Errors (ACSE)book.

Abscess: Marked swelling and redness is apparent just above antecubital fossa. This is caused by .........

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Migraine Pathophysiology