Sunday, January 2, 2011

Chronic Gouty Tophi

After years of gouty attacks, patients will develop a chronic arthritis resulting in bone and cartilage destruction and deformity. Uric acid crystals deposit within and surrounding the joint causing a chronic destructive inflammatory process. X-rays characteristically show well demarcated "punched out" erosions.
Tophi at helix of ear.
 Tophi or deposits of uric acid crystals are often found around joints, in the olecranon bursa or at the pinna of the ear.

X-ray showing soft tissue swelling and erosion of 2nd PIP.

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X-ray showing nasal and orbital fractures and pneumocephalus
Pneumocephalus is the presence of air in the cranial vault. It is usually associated with neurosurgery, barotrauma, basilar skull fractures, sinus fractures, nasopharyngeal tumor invasion and meningitis..........

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Supraspinatus Pathology by Ultrasound

This video details the complex structures of the human shoulder and how proper and careful ultrasound scanning techniques can identify tendon and rotator cuff tears, as well as avoid false positive and false negative tear diagnoses.


Leishmania donovani Amastigotes

Leishmania donovani amastigotes in a spleen smear, spleen section and liver section.


Diagram for Effects of sickle cell anemia

Minimally Invasive Robotic Surgery for Hysterectomy

Robotic surgery enables physicians to perform minimally invasive surgery that was not possible with simple laparoscopic instruments. Its one of the greatest advancements in surgery during our lifetime. With the robots high definition camera, 10 times magnification and 540 degrees of movement we are able to perform surgery that could not be accomplished with traditional methods.

Carolina Robotic center is a division of WHA Midcarolina obstetrics and Gynecology P.A.