Sunday, July 4, 2010

Laser Tattoo Removal

Color Atlas of Biochemistry

Basic biochemistry in color pictures! This book focuses on particular and fundamental aspects of human and mammalian biochemistry. Besides coverage of structure and composition of biologically relevant molecules and their metabolism, it also includes interlinking of chemical structures with biological functions, how molecules are arranged in cellular space and in the organism, and the evolution of biochemical processes.
Totally revised and expanded, the Color Atlas of Biochemistry presents the fundamentals of human and mammalian biochemistry on 215 stunning color plates.Alongside a short introduction to chemistry and the "classical topics" of biochemistry, the 2nd edition covers new approaches and aspects in biochemistry, such as links between chemical structure and biological function or pathways for information transfer, as well as recent developments and discoveries, such as the structures of many new important molecules.

Publisher: Thieme | ISBN: 1588902471 | edition 2004 | PDF | 476 pages | 14,1 mb



Rhinoplasty or nose job using open technique

HD Video presented by, Dr Michael J Brown MD, about nose job plastic surgery. This graphic video presents an overview of what to expect from an open rhinoplasty plastic surgery, or nose job.

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Surgical Options on Pleural Mesothelioma Treatment

Learn about mesothelioma treatment options via surgery from the International Symposium on Malignant Mesothelioma 2008. Presentation by Dr. Robert Kratzke.

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Pathology of Chronic lymphocytic leukemia

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