Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lazy Eye picture

Lazy Eye or Amblyopia is a condition in which one eye is not correctable to normal visual acuity with lenses or glasses and is not due to any eye disease a lowered measured visual acuity in one eye compared to the other eye. This condition can result from strabismus, injury, or the student using one eye more than the other.

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The Metabolic Syndrome:: Epidemiology, Clinical Treatment, and Underlying Mechanisms

With an extraordinary need for early intervention and prevention to slow or halt its progression, Metabolic Syndrome is one of the most challenging health problems. Only through an understanding of the science underlying this syndrome can successful interventions be developed and implemented. In The Metabolic Syndrome: Epidemiology, Clinical Treatment, and Underlying Mechanisms, the writers stimulate new thinking concerning underlying mechanisms and encourage heightened efforts to develop new therapeutics, potentially targeting uniquely intersecting pathways. Developing this new synthesis and analysis of the Metabolic Syndrome will bring together the viewpoints of epidemiologists, physiologists, molecular biologists/biochemists, and clinicians toward understanding the current state of knowledge of both the causes and consequences of the Metabolic Syndrome.

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Marjolin Ulcer-MRI

Malignant degeneration of untreated chronic wounds is a well-known complication. These rare, aggressive tumors that originate in chronically nonhealing wounds are called Marjolin’s ulcer. This is a 15 year old boy with long standing burn scar on the forearm.

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