Monday, December 27, 2010

Histopathology Small intestine-- Crohn disease


Complications of Sickle cell disease

Medical mnemonic for the Sickle cell disease complications


Strokes/ Swelling of hands and feet/ Spleen problems
Infections/ Infarctions
Crises (painful, sequestration, aplastic)/ Cholelithiasis/ Chest syndrome/ Chronic hemolysis/ Cardiac problems
Kidney disease
Liver disease/ Lung problems
 Erection (priapism)/ Eye problems (retinopathy)

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Blue Tongue Disease !!!

No, this child does not have Blue Tongue Disease! (There is no such thing--in humans anyways. Such a disease does exist, but it only affects cattle, goats, sheep and deer.) A few drops of blue food coloring were applied to demonstrate the general size and location of the (otherwise pink) fungiform papillae which are the little bumps scattered all over the top surface of the tongue. They are usually difficult to see unless an overgrowth of filiform papillae causes the ordinarily pink velvet of the tongue to turn white, in which case the fungiform papillae stand out as red dots.


Transposition of Femal Ureter


The Atlas of Emergency Medicine 3rd edition

The most complete and trusted visual compendium of emergency medicine—extensively updated with 1500 full-color illustrations
Ideally suited to the bedside practice of emergency medicine, The Atlas of Emergency Medicine is the ultimate visual guide to the diagnosis and treatment of common and uncommon conditions encountered in the Emergency Department. Filled with 1500 crisp, clear full-color images, this essential clinical companion is logically organized by organ system and then by problem, making it a practical quick reference for medical students, residents in training, new graduates preparing for their certification exam, the practicing physician, and instructors. The third edition of The Atlas of Emergency Medicine features an even more streamlined presentation with clear, concise text and an unmatched collection of diagnoses-speeding images. Forming the core of the book, these images show you what to look for and are accompanied by brief, high-yield descriptions of clinical problems. The new edition also features an enhanced template, and new coverage of airway emergencies, tropical conditions, toxicologic emergencies, and electrocardiographs.
* 1,500 full-color clinical photographs (more than twice the amount found in the previous edition)
New chapter template:“Clinical Summary”: clinically relevant observations on differential diagnosis
“Emergency Department Treatment and Disposition”: a brief overview of need-to-know diagnostic guidelines and recommendations
“Clinical Pearls”: instructive tips and insights on specific aspects of conditions which are difficult to find in other texts
*Four new chapters that enhance the book’s hands-on value:
Tropical Medicine: reflects an increased emphasis on global access to healthcare and easier patient travel
Toxicology: features an up-to-date, authoritative review of how to diagnose and treat selected toxicological emergencies
ECG Abnormalities: presents turnkey insights into the rapid recognition of pathological ECG’s, highlighting the electrocardiographic characteristics of each featured clinical problem
Airway Procedures: includes essential information that guides, improves, and expedites the management of airway emergencies

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Layers of the Abdominal Wall with Function

The layers of the abdominal wall vary, depending on where it is you are looking.
At the lateral side of the abdomen there is a dotted line passing through the abdominal wall. Note the layers must pass through to .........


Lap dermoid cystectomy

a large size glove can be used as an endobag as is shown in this case of lap dermoid cystectomy.careful dissection.of the dermoid,enclosing it in a glove/endobag and removal are the features of this case.