Tuesday, November 30, 2010

6th Cranial Nerve Palsy

Left 6th Cranial Nerve Palsy: Left eye unable to move laterally beyond midline. In this case, nerve ..............

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Femoral Nerve Block at the level of the inguinal skin crease

Femoral nerve block is commonly performed by insertion of the block needle 1-2 cm lateral to the femoral artery just below the inguinal ligament as seen in the picture which requires multiple attempts at ..............

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Lines on anterior Abdominal Wall

This photo shows surface anatomy of some lines on the anterior abdominal wall like:
1-McBurney's point is halfway between the umbilicus and the ASIS ( anterior superior illiac spine ) and a common location that surgeons use for .............

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Glaucoma Surgery 3D Animation

Glaucoma surgery is explained using 3D computer animations


Appearance of lye strictures in X-ray

-What is the most likely diagnosis in the patient shown below?

a. Esophageal varices
b. Esophageal carcinoma
c. Reflux esophagitis
d. Lye stricture
e. Fibrovascular polyp


There is very long segment of smoothly narrowed esophagus from just below the level of the clavicles to the EG junction. This appearance is characteristic ............

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