Monday, September 20, 2010

Mayo Clinic on High Blood Pressure

Mayo Clinic on High Blood Pressure By Sheldon G. Sheps
Publisher: Kensington 1999 | 180 Pages | ISBN: 1893005011 | PDF | 1 MB

The Mayo Clinic promotes lifestyle changes to reduce high blood pressure, helping readers make those changes by providing answers to questions on diet, exercise, and medication.


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laparoscopic omentectomy

Location: Amman-Jordan
Osama Badran,M.D.,FACOG , american board certified gynecologist performing laparoscopy for resection of a 4-5 cm omental -metastatic- nodule in the infracoloic omentum . The omentum and nodule are resected.
The patient has endometrial adenocarcinoma , status post hysterectomy, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy. CT scan and PET scan showed a singleton metastatic lesion in the omentum.

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Endoscopic Eustachian Tube Obliteration for a CSF Leak by RRC

Endoscopic obliteration of the eustachian tube is a reasonable option prior to attempting an external reexploration of patients who have undergone an acoustic neuroma resection complicated by persistent CSF leak.


Minor Emergencies: Second Edition

An essential quick reference for the office, the hospital, or anywhere, this book provides all the instructions you need to handle common, non-life-threatening emergencies with speed and expertise. Whether you’re called on to remove a bean from a child’s nose or treat accidental tear gas exposure, this quick reference is ready to provide fast, efficient guidance just when you need it.

* Find guidance at a glance with “What to Do” and “What NOT to Do” checklists.

* Get comprehensive coverage that remains concise for emergency point of care.

* Stay on top of the latest emergency strategies with new coverage of: croup, nasal vestibulitis, heat illness, chiggers, acute bronchitis and simple pediatric sedation.


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Clubbing is Clubbing causes

It is described clinically as a bulbous uniform swelling of the soft tissue of the terminal phalanx of a digit with subsequent loss of the normal angle between the nail and the nail bed.

Since Hippocrates first described .............

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Facts about Pinguecula

A pinguecula is often referred to as a fatty degeneration of the conjunctival tissue, but it may also reflect deposits of lipids from serous exudate. The fine, nearly transparent collagen fibers of the conjunctiva degenerate and are replaced by ...........

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