Friday, October 8, 2010

Pneumonia, on chest x-ray.

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Burns of lid margin and superficial cornea

This type of superficial burn injury usually responds to conservative treatment with cycloplegics, debridement as indicated,antibiotic drops and ointment, and adequate pain control.
Scarring is usually minimal as long as Bowman's membrane has not been damaged. Cycloplegia is absolutely essential to control pain from iris reaction to light and to prevent iridocyclitis.

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ACC Atlas of Pathophysiology

Featuring 450 large full-color illustrations, this comprehensive atlas shows how more than 200 disorders can disrupt the human body’s equilibrium. It is designed to help healthcare professionals visualize disease processes, understand the rationales for clinical interventions, and explain to patients how diseases develop and progress.

Introductory chapters illustrate basic pathophysiologic concepts including cells, cancer, infection, genetics, and fluids and electrolytes. Twelve chapters organized by body system cover all major diseases, with illustrations, charts, and brief text on causes, pathophysiology, signs, symptoms, diagnostic tests, and treatment.

This Third Edition includes eight new disease entries and updated information throughout. A new icon, Complications, highlights the typical progression of untreated disease.

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Neurologic Emergencies, April 2010 Edition

Complete guidance on how to diagnose and treat neurologic emergencies in any acute care setting!

Uniquely organized by presenting complaint, Neurologic Emergencies helps you quickly identify, evaluate, stabilize, treat, and manage the full range of neurologic symptoms–from dizziness to trauma. Striking the perfect balance between thoroughness and readability, this trusted classic delivers the authoritative guidance you need to ensure the best possible outcomes possible for patients presenting with neurologic emergencies. The Third Edition has been updated with a valuable primer on neuroimaging technologies and includes the latest evidence-based treatment strategies and expert advice.


* Organized by presenting symptoms, rather than by disease, for unmatched clinical relevance

* Written by a team of authors highly experienced in managing patients with neurologic complaints

* Numerous algorithms and tables offer immediate access to critical information

* Emphasizes patient history, physical exam, and rapid assessment

*Everything you need to know in the acute care setting:

Review of Basic Neuroanatomy, Neuroimaging, Evaluation of a Neurologic Complaint, Altered States of Consciousness and Coma, Acute Focal Neurological Deficit, Acute Weakness, Movement Disorders, Headache; Acute Double Vision, Blindness, and Abnormal Pupils; Neurologic Trauma, Psychogenic Neurologic Problems, Seizures, Syncope, The Dizzy Patient, Neck and Back Pain.

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MNEMONIC for Features of Potter syndrome

MNEMONIC for Features of Potter syndrome
All the features can be collected in the name of disease:
Potter syndrome: features POTTER:................

Read more...................>>

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Nodular hyperplasia of Prostate: Histopathology

Endoscopic Removal of a Hanging Polyp

The endoscopic removal of an unusual intamaxillary sinus polyp hanging down from the superior roof of a maxillary sinus.