Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cosmetic Lasers Remove Some Skin Lesions

Horner's Syndrome pic

Horner's Syndrome is a syndrome caused by a lesion in the sympathetic nervous system, especially the cervical chain or central pathways, and characterized by drooping upper eyelid(ptosis), pupillary contraction(miosis), absence of sweating(anhydrosis), and receding eyeball

Loss of sympathetic nervous system input to (in this case) right eye.

Note that right pupil is smaller than left. Also that right eyelid covers a greater portion of eye than on left
(known as ptosis). The etiology in this case was due to tumor infiltrating the sympathetic chain.

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Contents of foley catheter kits

Commercial kits are available which contain all of the equipment needed to place a urethral catheter. These kits usually contain a standard-tip 14-16 Fr catheter, a urine collection bag, and the rest of the required supplies. Viscous lidocaine, which should be used when placing a catheter in a male patient (see Procedure section) is not included in the standard kit and must be obtained separately.